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Cheng Chooi Keong Temple, Batu Maung

Cheng Chooi Keong Temple, Teluk Tempoyak, Batu MaungCheng Chooi Keong Temple, Teluk Tempoyak, Batu Maung (10 February, 2013)

The Cheng Chooi Keong Temple (GPS: 5.28118, 100.28636) is a Chinese temple in Teluk Tempoyak, Batu Maung, Penang. Originally located on a knoll facing the sea, it was relocated to its present site in Teluk Tempoyak when the area made way for the Southbay property development. The original temple was described here by its colloquial name, the Chor Soo Kong Temple. The official name is Cheng Chooi Keong, meaning "Palace of the Clear Water".

The relocation of the Cheng Chooi Keong Temple took place between 2011 and 2013. The new site is just beyond Sekolah Menangah Kebangsaan Batu Maung. The temple building was completed at the end of 2012 while its entrance archway was made ready in time for the 2013 Chinese New Year.

Cheng Chooi Keong Temple, front entrance and dragon pillars (18 January, 2013)

The Cheng Chooi Keong Temple venerates Chor Soo Kong - the same deity as that of the Snake Temple - as the principal deity. Also venerated is a pantheon of Taoist dieties, among them the Mazu, the Goddess of Mercy, Tua Pek Kong, Dato Kong, Chai Sen Yah, Teh Choo Kong, and Seong Tee Kong, among others. As with other Chor Soo Kong temples, it sits on a slope. However unlike its original building, it now faces west rather than east, so it catches the evening sun rather than the morning sun.

At the time of my visit, the main prayer hall has just been completed, and the images of dieties have been installed at their respective altars. Workmen were putting up the finishing touches to the entrance archway. Within the compound there is also an altar to the Jade Emperor.

Perhaps the most interesting features of the temple are its dragon pillars which support the front porch, and the dragons on the roof ridge. There are four dragon pillars carved out of granite. They display the Chinese craftsmanship of artisans brought over from China for the job. Beside the temple is a coffee shop, the 1178 Food Corner, which opens daily from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm.

Cheng Chooi Keong Temple, Teluk Tempoyak, Batu Maung (18 January, 2013)

Cheng Chooi Keong Temple, main prayer hall with images of the principal deity and other deities (18 January, 2013)

Side shrine within an alcove of Cheng Chooi Keong, with altar to Seong Tee Kong (18 January, 2013)

Jade Emperor Altar, Cheng Chooi Keong Temple (18 January, 2013)

Getting there by public transport

Rapid Penang Bus 305 is the only bus to go to Teluk Tempoyak. The temple itself is located about 150 meters from the junction with the main road, Jalan Permatang Damar Laut, and can been seen from the junction. It can also be reached by taking Bus 302 and 307 which stop along the main road.

Cheng Chooi Keong Temple, compound (18 January, 2013)

Dragons on the roof ridge of Cheng Chooi Keong Temple (18 January, 2013)

Entrance archway of Cheng Chooi Keong Temple nearing completion (18 January, 2013)

Cheng Chooi Keong Temple is on the map of Batu Maung

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