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Best Food in Penang page, presently empty, is where you can see all the places to enjoy the best food of Penang. Unlike other websites, the recommendation shown here is based on votes submitted by readers of Penang Travel Tips. It is entirely unbiased. Each of the coffee shop (including hawker centre, food court, roadside stall) shown here is the holder of the Golden Cultery Icon, meaning they receive the highest votes within that food category. Please vote, and encourage all your friends to submit their votes. The more votes we get for the Best Food in Penang, the more accurate the result will be. For once, you can hear what actual people think about the food in Penang, so every vote matters!

The voting continues from now until 31 December, 2008. On 1 January 2009, the coffee shop with the highest votes of its category is honored as the Best (Food) of 2008, and the counter re-starts at 0 again for 2009.

You can only submit your vote for category that is accepting votes. Categories marked "closed" is not yet ready for votes. To submit votes for the category marked "open", just send an email to us with this info:

  • Category: (Name of Food)
  • My Vote: (Name of Coffee Shop)
  • Where: (Location, i.e. Jalan Perak, Bayan Baru, Jelutong Market, etc.)
  • My Email Address:

  • Each email address is allowed one vote for category of food. Tell all your friends to vote. The more people participating, the more accurate the results!


    Total Votes

    Char Koay Teow (open for voting)-
    Chee Cheong Fun (closed)-
    Laksa (closed)-
    Pasembur (closed)-
    Rojak (closed)-
    Wan Tan Mee (closed)-

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