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Batu Musang Jetty

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Batu Musang JettyBatu Musang Jetty (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang Jetty is a jetty in Batu Kawan, Seberang Perai. This is the jetty to use for ferry boats to Pulau Aman. The RM15.5 million jetty was built by the Penang Development Corporation, with a funding of RM3.8 million from the Tourism Ministry. It was operational since late 2006.

Ten years ago, when I first visited Pulau Aman, I took the ferry from Batu Kawan. Since then, the ferry terminal has shifted to Batu Musang. To reach the Batu Musang Jetty, we through through an almost empty road. It climbed up the hill, bends to one side as it went over the crest of the hill, and when the road makes its descend, I was surprised to see so many people congregating at the jetty. Cars were parked on both sides of the road leading up the hill slope. The atmosphere was like a fiesta.

Next to the ferry terminal is a restaurant complex called The Ridge Teja By The Sea. However it appears not to be operational.

The return ferry ticket cost RM6.00. There is also a small parking fee for your vehicle. You can hire a boat to go to Pulau Aman and Pulau Gedung, at RM100. Due to inadequate parking area, most people park their car on the road leading to the jetty.

Pulau Aman


360° View of Batu Musang Jetty area

Batu Musang JettyArrival at Batu Musang Jetty (3 May, 2015)

Kompleks Jeti Batu MusangKompleks Jeti Batu Musang (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang JettyBatu Musang Jetty (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang JettyBatu Musang Jetty (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang JettyHawker centre at Batu Musang Jetty (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang JettyBatu Musang Jetty (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang JettyPassengers arriving at Batu Musang Jetty from Pulau Aman (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang JettyMy wife getting ready for our visit to Pulau Aman (3 May, 2015)

Batu Musang JettyMy wife on board the ferry boat to Pulau Aman (3 May, 2015)

On our return from Pulau Aman, we stopped at the food court of the Kompleks Jeti Batu Musang to try the ice kacang and laksa. I love the ice kacang. It was quite inexpensive yet a lot, and that is just what I would need on a hot day when I was feeling very thirsty. I didn't care that much for the laksa. To me it is rather watery. Perhaps this is how Malay laksa is like.

Food court at Kompleks Jeti Batu MusangMy wife trying out the ice kacang and laksa at Kompleks Jeti Batu Musang (3 May, 2015)

The laksa at Batu Musang JettyThe laksa at Batu Musang Jetty (3 May, 2015)

The Batu Musang Jetty is on the map of Batu Kawan

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