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Bagan Jermal

View of Bagan Jermal, PenangView of Bagan Jermal, Penang (8 October, 2009)

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Bagan Jermal (GPS: 5.43982, 100.3074) is a neighbourhood on the north side of George Town. It is bordered by Gurney Drive to the north, Pulau Tikus to the east, Ayer Rajah to the south and Mount Erskine neighbourhood to the west.

Bagan Jermal got its name from Jalan Bagan Jermal, which in turn got its name from the Bagan Jermal coastal village (known as Kampung Bagan Jermal as well as Kampung Masjid Bagan). The name Bagan Jermal refers to fish traps set on poles along the coast, a contraption used for catching fish in coastal waters. Today Bagan Jermal is a middle to upper class residential neighbourhood.

The Bagan Jermal village still exists today as a cluster of Malay houses hemmed in on three sides by modern development, with the sea forming its fourth side. The atmosphere here is one of quiet serenity, a place where time seems suspended and pace of life slows down.

Location of sights in Bagan Jermal on the map

Sights in Bagan Jermal

  1. Balai Bomba & Penyelamat Bagan Jermal (GPS: 5.44137, 100.30675)
  2. Chooi Bee Keong Temple (GPS: 5.44176, 100.30701)
  3. Former Phor Tay School (GPS: 5.43785, 100.3056)
  4. Gurney Inn (GPS: 5.44073, 100.30769)
  5. Jermal Court Apartment (GPS: 5.43584, 100.30381)
  6. Jermal Jaya Apartment (GPS: 5.43647, 100.30396)
  7. Marina Bay Condominium (GPS: 5.44294, 100.30695)
  8. Masjid Jamek Bagan Jermal (GPS: 5.44424, 100.30535)
  9. Mutiara Villa (GPS: 5.43971, 100.30675)
  10. Sri Muneeswarar Temple (GPS: 5.44206, 100.30686)
  11. St Nicholas Home (GPS: 5.43499, 100.3044)
  12. Taman Kristal (GPS: 5.43857, 100.30425)
  13. Towed Vehicle Car Park (GPS: 5.44188, 100.30631)

Bagan Jermal VillageBagan Jermal Village (16 April, 2013)

Bagan Jermal, Penang (8 October, 2012)

Bagan Jermal, PenangBagan Jermal, Penang (8 October, 2012)

Public Transport

Rapid Penang Bus 101, 104 and 304 pass through Jalan Bagan Jermal. The Penang Hop-On Hop-Off Tourist Bus also passes through Bagan Jermal.

Distance from City Centre

Bagan Jermal is 4.2 km from Magazine Circus, making it ideal for those working in the city.


The nearest school is the Penang Chinese Girls' High School. Phor Tay Institution, which was located along Jalan Bagan Jermal, has relocated to Sungai Dua. The nearest petrol station is the Shell along Burmah Road. The nearest market is the Pulau Tikus Market. The nearest hospital is the Penang Adventist Hospital.

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