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Jialeshui Beach, Kenting, TaiwanJialeshui Beach, Kenting, Taiwan
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Kenting is a town in Pingtung County, on the southern tip of Taiwan. It is best known for Kenting National Park, which occupies the Hengchun Peninsula.

Kenting National Park is the oldest and southernmost national park in Taiwan. It was established on 1 January, 1984, covering 333 sq km of protected forest land. The national park features beaches and rocky coastline, coral sea cliffs and off-shore coral reefs.

The Kenting National Park comprises two parts separated by the Hengchun Longitudinal Valley Plain. Features here include Longlyuantan lake, limestone caves and coral tablelands.

On the southern tip of Taiwan, at Erluanbi, is a lighthouse built in 1883 following numerous shipwrecks in the sea off the coast. The lighthouse had to be fortified and guarded by Chinese troops during its construction because the workmen kept being attacked by the local tribesmen.

Jialeshui waterfall in Manzhou, KentingJialeshui waterfall in Manzhou, Kenting
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Going to Kenting

If you are from Taipei, take a plane or the High Speed Rail to Kaohsiung. From Kaohsiung take a bus to Kenting. The bus fare is NT$350 and the journey takes about two and a half hours. You can enjoy glimpses of the sea on the west side of the bus as it travels down to Kenting.

Nanwan Beach, KentingNanwan Beach, Kenting
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Places of Interest in Kenting

  1. Ever Spring Farm (Hengchun Shengtai Nungchang)
  2. Fengchuisha (Windblown Sand)
  3. Hengchun
  4. Lungluan Lake
  5. Maopitou (Cat's Nose Cape)
  6. Mount Big Point (Tachienshihshan)
  7. Nanwan (South Bay)
  8. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (Kuoli Haiyang Shengwu Powukuan)
  9. Oluanpi
  10. Oluanpi Park
  11. Kenting Forest Recreation Area (Kenting Senlin Yulechu)
  12. Kenting National Park (Kenting Kuochia Kungyuan)
  13. Sheting Nature Park

Southernmost point of TaiwanMonument to the southernmost point of Taiwan
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