Hill Street

Hill Street, SingaporeHill Street, Singapore (13 September, 2010)

Hill Street is a major road in downtown Singapore. It connects Victoria Street on the north side to New Bridge Road on the south. The road got its name because it is located on the foot of Government Hill - as Fort Canning was known during the time of Stamford Raffles. Hill Street was one of the earliest roads to be built in Singapore, around the same time as North Bridge Road.

Hill Street on the map

Hotels along Hill Street

  1. Excelsior Hotel (GPS: 1.29202, 103.84984)
  2. Grand Park City Hall Hotel (GPS: 1.29274, 103.85019)

Commercial Properties along Hill Street

  1. 30, Hill Street (GPS: 1.29365, 103.8495)
  2. High Street Plaza (GPS: 1.29061, 103.84926)
  3. Hill Street Centre (GPS: 1.29017, 103.84902)
  4. Stamford Court (GPS: 1.29417, 103.85003)
  5. Stamford House (GPS: 1.29404, 103.85079)

Places of Worship along Hill Street

  1. Masjid Burhani (GPS: 1.29348, 103.8504)

Government Buildings along Hill Street

  1. MICA Building (GPS: 1.29072, 103.84822)
  2. Telephone House Complex (GPS: 1.29376, 103.85065)
  3. The Treasury (GPS: 1.29093, 103.84958)

Shopping Malls along Hill Street

  1. The Treasury (GPS: 1.29154, 103.84992)

Major Junctions and Intersections of Hill Street

River Valley Road Junction

Parliament Place Junction

Coleman Street Junction

Stamford Road Junction

References and Further Reading

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