Taguig City, Philippines

Low-rise condominiums in Taguig City, ManilaLow-rise condominiums in Taguig City, Manila
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Taguig City is a city within Metro Manila in the Philippines. It is located on the northern shore of Laguna de Bay and was traditionally a fishing community. Today Taguig City has developed into one of the commercial and industrial centers of Manila.

Covering 47.88 sq km (18.5 sq mi), Taguig City has a population of 615,000 (2011 estimate). Incorporated as a city only in 2004, it is today one of the ten biggest cities in the Philippines. It is bordered by Pasig City to the north, Makati and Pateros to the northeast, Pasay City to the west, Parañaque City to the southwest and Muntinlupa City to the south.

The history of Taguig City goes back to the 16th century. It was ruled by Rajah Soliman of the Kingdom of Tondo until the area was subjugated by the Spanish in 1571. The natives resent Spanish colonialization. A rebel leader named Don Juan Basi, the Kapitan or leader of the Taguig attempted to overthrow the Spanish colonial government but was captured and exiled.

The Fort Bonifacio (also called Bonifacio Global City) district of Taguig City, ManilaThe Fort Bonifacio (also called Bonifacio Global City) district of Taguig City, Manila
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In the late 19th century, the Americans replaced the Spanish as the colonial power. Under the American regime, Taguig was made an independent municipality before being incorporated into Rizal Province. In 1975, the municipality of Taguig was taken out of Rizal Province and added to Metro Manila. It was then given city status in 2004.

Taguig City is today highly urbanized. The Fort Bonifacio area has been redeveloped and branded Bonifacio Global City. It is the site of an increasing number of skyscrapers and shopping malls, among them Market! Market! Mall, which opened in 2003.

Market! Market! Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig CityMarket! Market! Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
photo sourcehttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Market_wiki.JPG
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Places of Interest in Taguig City

  1. Bantayog ng Bayani
    The Hall of Rememberance, created to pay tribute to those who fought the wars in Taguig.
  2. Dambanang Kawayan
    Roman Catholic church in Barangay Ligid-Tipas, officially called Saint John the Baptist Parish Church.
  3. Market! Market! Mall
    Multi-story shopping mall in the Fort Bonifacio district of Taguig City.
  4. Philippine Veterans Museum
    Museum featuring details of the Second World War, built in honor of the war veterans.

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