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Baguio, Philippines

City Hall of Baguio CityCity Hall of Baguio City
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Baguio is a highland city in the province of Benguet, in northern Luzon, the Philippines. It was established by the Americans in 1900 as a hill station - the only hill station in Asia to be established by the Americans. Today Baguio has a population of around 320,000 (2014 estimate), and is a popular tourist destination.

Baguio was designated the summer capital of the Philippines in 1903, and in 1909 it was made a chartered city. Henceforth it was known as the City of Baguio, or commonly, as Baguio City, though the most popular name is simply Baguio.

Baguio is located some 1540 meters (5050 ft) above sea level. As such, the climate here is much cooler compared to Manila.

Baguio CathedralBaguio Cathedral
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Lion's Head, BaguioLion's Head, Baguio
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Places of Interest in Baguio

  1. Asin Hot Springs
    Hot springs located 16 km to the northwest of Baguio.
  2. Baguio City Market
    A good place to watch the locals go about their daily business.
  3. Bell Temple
    An eclectic collection of temples blending Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity.
  4. Burnham Park
    Park with manmade lake and sports activities.
  5. Lion's Head
    Huge bust of a lion.
  6. Lourdes Grotto
    Catholic pilgrimage site with Shrine of the Lady of Lourdes.
  7. Mansion House
    Summer residence of the President of the Philippines.
  8. Mines View Park
    Scenic view point.
  9. Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral
    Commonly known as Baguio Cathedral.
  10. Tam-awan Ifugao Artists' Village
    Cultural village celebrating and preserving local culture.

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