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Road trips to discover Malaysia

Picnic at Kuala MudaPicnic at Kuala Muda (8 August, 2015)

One of the best ways to discover Malaysia is to embark on road trips exploring the country. This is what I often do with my wife. We look forward to the coming of weekends, for it's again time for us to drive somewhere, to discover what is there to see.

Before going on our journey, we do our homework in advance, checking up on the places we want to visit. This saves us the time searching about and cuts down on wasting precious journey time. Google Maps, Street View and GPS are three indispensable tools to locating interesting places, and I make full use of these to help other travellers discover Malaysia throughn this website.

Lunch at Pantai MerdekaHaving lunch anywhere we stop, as in this case, at Pantai Merdeka, Kedah (1 August, 2015)

My wife and I are the type who enjoy picnicking. We have picnicked everywhere in the country as well as in different places oversea. We are not the type to "travel light". On each road trip, we bring along food, drinks, cutleries, serviettes, wet tissue, plastic plates, plastic glasses, mat and anything else to maintain our comfort.

We often buy food or bring something from home. This can be in the form of nasi lemak or nasi kandar, bought from home. That way, we can stop anywhere we want when we feel hungry. When it comes time to eat, we look for a nice spot, preferably in a park, where we lay out a map, and set out our food. We brought with us packet drinks as well as iced water in a cool jar.

Nasi kandar picnicWe brought nasi kandar from a stall at home on our road trip (8 August, 2015)

Nasi kandar picnicA nasi kandar lunch. With food on board, we can stop anywhere we like for our meal. (8 August, 2015)

Occasionally we may stop anywhere we like and try out the food in the local warung. If you are going to have good on the go, you cannot afford to be picky eaters. Tastewise, this is something of a touch and go, sometimes the food is good, sometimes not. So, to be on the safe side, and to cut down time spent looking for food, we just bring out own.

If you plan to explore Malaysia frequently, I would recommend that you buy a SmartTAG device for your car. You would fit the Touch 'n Go stored value card into the SmartTAG, enabling you to drive through the toll plazas with SmartTAG sensors. This really cuts down on the hassle of having to queue up to pay toll.

Tanjung DawaiHere I am, waiting for my dinner at Tanjung Dawai (25 July, 2015)

Lunch in KulimLunch in Kulim (17 August, 2015)

If ever we need to overnight anywhere, all we need to do is to make a room reservation via Agoda. The rates we get from Agoda is the lowest can find - and if we can proof to Agoda that I can get the same room on the same date at a lower rate on a different website, Agoda will match and beat that rate.

As I explore town by town, I am creating guides to help you explore them too. All the sights that I describe - going forward - will include GPS coordinates. The GPS is so useful. If you are a travel enthusiast, I would urge you to buy one soon, as it helps you get to wherever you want to go. To help you plan your journeys, my town guides will include a map, so that you can sequence the sights you want to visit, and key them into your GPS device one by one. This cuts down on having to back track.

Exploring Malaysia is a lot of fun. If you haven't done it yet, I hope that this website will give you inspiration to go out there and start discovering now!

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