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The View, Hotel Equatorial Penang

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The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangThe View, Hotel Equatorial Penang (31 August, 2017)

The View is a fine-dining restaurant at Hotel Equatorial Penang. Perched on one of the choicest locations this side of Penang Island, it offers discerning diners unsurpassed views of the throbbing metropolis below, while they enjoy the best of French cuisine. Dinner at The View is semi buffet style. The diners order the main course - or entrée in American English - and select other items from the buffet.

My wife and I enjoyed the privilege of a candlelight dinner at The View on 25 August, 2017. Upon our arrival at the restaurant, we were received by the staff, who all warmly greeted me by name. The maître d', Mr Zulkifli Mat Noh, ushered me to our table, which is possibly the nicest spot in the restaurant. It offers privacy and yet, with its wall-to-wall glass paneling, unsurpassed panorama of the world below. Truly, this spot at The View is worthy of its namesake. Throughout the evening, Mr Zul was attentive without being unnecessarily intrusive.

The restaurant has an understated, serene elegance without being uptight. The tables were dimly lit, but when they discovered that I was having difficulty taking photos in the low light, they were able to brighten up our spot. Apparently the lighting can be individually controlled. As the evening progressed, we relished in the sight of the city lighting up. The two Penang bridges were visible, looking like strands of sparkling diamonds.

For our meal that evening, the hotel has selected three sumptuous items as the main course. They even called me up prior to our arrival, to check whether we take beef, and we responded to the affirmative, beef and all common meats.

For starters, I had some fresh oysters and smoked salmon. Then, the three main courses arrived. The first was Rossini pan-fried beef tenderloin, served with peppercorn sauce, chorizo and white bean, accompanied with potato cake. Next to arrive was Australian lamb rack, which is served with a coating of pistachio crust, with rosti potatoes and mango salsa on the side. And finally, the third item was Scottish salmon tournedos, with the salmon fillet wrapped with turkey ham and served with organic quinoa risotto and crab ragout.

Both the beef tenderloin and lamb rack were done just nice, and the meat were as soft as sponges. I have to admit to particularly enjoying the pistachio crust on which the lamb rack is breaded. It gives a contrast to the succulent meat. These are all exquisite choices befitting the enchantment of the evening, and we are pleased with the selection that was put together for our pleasure.

The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangVarious hors d'œuvre on the buffet, at The View. (31 August, 2017)

Rossini pan-fried beef tenderloinRossini pan-fried beef tenderloin (31 August, 2017)

Australian lamb rackAustralian lamb rack (31 August, 2017)

Scottish salmon tournedosScottish salmon tournedos (31 August, 2017)

To be honest, there is more food on our table than we can stomach. We love food, but with every passing year, we have a diminishing ability to consume. For that reason, we were unable to finish any of the main courses, having still to make room for the desserts. I have known that the tiramisu at The View is outstanding, and I have to leave space to enjoy it.

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening, and we register our heartfelt thanks to Hotel Equatorial Penang for having extended the invitation for us to dine here.

Candlelight dinner at The ViewEnjoying a candlelight dinner with my wife at The View (25 August, 2017)

The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangCandlelight dinner at The View. (31 August, 2017)

The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangThe long table for group dining, at a separate section of The View, Hotel Equatorial Penang (31 August, 2017)

The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangThe View's famous green tea tiramisu. (31 August, 2017)

The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangAh, all the sweet things in life is found here at The View. (31 August, 2017)

The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangFor started, I had some fresh oysters and smoked salmon. (31 August, 2017)

The View, Hotel Equatorial PenangMy wife and I with Mr Zulkifli Mat Noh, the maître d', and Chef Henry Looi Soon Lee, the sous chef. (31 August, 2017)

Table Reservations

The View offers semi buffet dinner from 6:30pm to 10:00pm daily. For details of dinner menu, visit its official page right here.

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