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The Gravityz @ The TOP KOMTAR

The GravityzThe Gravityz (29 January, 2018)

The Gravityz is an adventure attraction at The [email protected]. The first stage of this attraction opened to the public on 1 February, 2018. Billed as "the world's highest rope course challenge", The Gravityz is being opened stage by stage. It had its Grand Launch, officiated by the Chief Minister of Penang, on 10 February, 2018.

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About the Gravityz

The Gravityz is an obstacle course undertaken outside the 65th floor of Komtar Tower. As of now, Stage One of The Gravityz is completed. This stage comprises six attractions, called Confidence Path, High Bench, Great Bridge, X Point, Z Wire and G Rocky. Participants start at Confidence Path, which introduces them to dizzying heights of Komtar, and help them boost their confidence before continuing to the next attractions, which become progressively more challenging. All precautions are taken to ensure the complete safety of the participants. Before embarking on the course, participants are questioned whether they suffer from heights, and those with high-blood pressure have to reveal what is their pressure level, and whether they suffer from dizziness or vertigo.

Participants wear helmets and rope harnesses which allow them easy movement on the aerial pathways without any hindrance, and yet ensure their safety the whole time.

Update on The Gravityz

The Chief Minister of Penang, the Right Honourable Lim Guan Eng, gave a try to The Gravityz, together with his father Lim Kit Siang, on Saturday, 17 February, 2018.

How to go to The Gravityz

You start at The Gravityz's counter on level 6 of Komtar. This is up the escalator from The Top's main concourse. Here's the place:

The GravityzEnter The Gravityz from The TOP's main concourse. (29 January, 2018)


To avoid this write-up becoming outdated, and having to update the price regularly, please refer to the pricing as shown on The Gravityz's official website. There is Standard Rate, MyKad Rate and Penangite Rate.

The GravityzMy wife and I were met by Miss Jayee Low and Mr Henry Wong of The Gravityz. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzLucky participants who managed to secure one of the 100 first free tickets. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzMy wife and I with our team members ready for The Gravityz challenge. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzMy wife and I getting ready to try The Gravityz (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzOne more shot before we step out into the open. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzHere I am shot from the inside. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzAnd a photo of me by my wife. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzMy wife on the high ledge. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzOur two happy team mates, and one of the instructors. They are among the first hundred to receive pre-opening VIP tickets. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzHigh Bench on the ledge. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzSitting with our legs out. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzLegs out. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzCouple's seat. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzA seat with a view of George Town. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzStraddling the bench. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzHello inside! (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzThe instructor hailing us to follow him down the Great Bridge. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzMy wife taking a shot of me on the Great Bridge. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzTaking photos on the Great Bridge. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzStrike a pose! (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzOur team mates following behind us. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzSorry if I seem a little on edge. (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzOne of our team mates doing the Z Wire flying fox (29 January, 2018)

The GravityzWe can get so tied up. (29 January, 2018)

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Grand Launch of The Gravityz

The Gravityz had its Grand Launch, or official opening, on Saturday, 10 February, 2018. It was attended by various members of the print and social media, and was officiated by The Right Honourable Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang.

The Gravityz Grand LaunchPenang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at the Grand Launch of The Gravityz. (14 September, 2016)

The Gravityz Grand LaunchPenang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng looking on as members of The Gravityz demonstrated the Z Wire zipline. (14 September, 2016)

The Gravityz Grand LaunchPenang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng trying out some Virtual Reality. (14 September, 2016)

The Gravityz Grand LaunchShannon, one of the staff members of The Gravityz, doing the Z Wire. (14 September, 2016)

The Gravityz Grand LaunchWefie with J. Hong Low, Executive Director of The Gravityz Grand Launch (14 September, 2016)

The Gravityz Grand LaunchWefie with Baki Zainal (14 September, 2016)

The Gravityz Grand LaunchWefie with the architect Yew Tung Seang, who is the new Mayor of Penang. (14 September, 2016)

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