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Mei Hotel Penang

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Mei Hotel PenangMei Hotel Penang (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel Penang (GPS: 5.41761, 100.32326) is a hotel along Aboo Sittee Lane in George Town, Penang. It occupies a 15-storey storey building that was completed in 2017. There are presently 96 guest rooms at the hotel. Room types include Standard King (16 sqm), Deluxe Twin (17 sqm), Deluxe Queen (16 sqm), Deluxe King (17 sqm) and Family Room (30 sqm). There many also be a few suites which are presently being made ready.


Mei Hotel
50, Lorong Abu Siti,
10400 George Town, Penang.
Phone: +60-4-217 0555

Mei Hotel PenangHere I am with Mr Harry Chew, Mr Lee Su Keat and Mr John Kim of Mei Hotel Penang (18 January, 2018)

Guestrooms at Mei Hotel Penang

Let me show you the different types of rooms you can find at Mei Hotel. The rooms are all nicely furnished and spacious. Just take a look.


My visit to Mei Hotel Penang

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the folks managing the hotel on 18 January, 2018. After being warmly received by the receptionist at the Front Office, I met up with the Advertising/PR Executive, Mr Harry Chew, and was ushered to Silver Spoon Restaurant, where I met the Hotel Manager, Mr John Kim and Sales & Marketing Executive, Mr Lee Su Keat. Together they invited me to have breakfast with them. After that, we went on a tour of the hotel.

Mei Hotel PenangMei Hotel Penang (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel PenangFront Office, Mei Hotel Penang (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel PenangLobby deco, Mei Hotel Penang (18 January, 2018)

On the second floor is Silver Spoon Restaurant, the inhouse café that serves breakfast to the guests, and offers meals à la carte for the rest of the day.

Mei Hotel PenangSilver Spoon, Mei Hotel Penang (18 January, 2018)

A unique feature of Mei Hotel is that it has a car lift. This vehicular elevator is designed to take passenger cars to the car park without having to drive up ramps. This saves on otherwise underutilised space. Harry demonstrated the use of the car lift to me. It looks just like a cargo lift, only much bigger.

Mei Hotel PenangThe car lift at Mei Hotel Penang. (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel PenangMr Harry Chew pointing to me the button in the car lift. (18 January, 2018)

Function Rooms

There are three function rooms with a common hallway on the 14th floor of Mei Hotel Penang. Called Hall 1 (70-80 pax theatre-style sitting capacity), Hall 2 (15 pax) and Hall 3 (30 pax) they are available for booking, for various functions, off-site company meetings and seminars.

Mei Hotel PenangHall 1, the biggest of the three function rooms. (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel PenangHall 3, the smallest of the three function rooms. (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel PenangCommon hallway of the function rooms has couches for function participants to use during coffee breaks. (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel PenangThe view of George Town, from the viewing deck of Mei Hotel Penang. (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel PenangAt the lobby of Mei Hotel Penang (18 January, 2018)

Mei Hotel is on the map of Aboo Sittee Lane

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