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Kudos Hotel Equatorial Penang!Kudos Hotel Equatorial Penang! (26 August, 2017)

Over the years, I have been hosted by many hotels, from Langkawi to Johor Bahru. Then on 25-27 August, 2017, it was Hotel Equatorial Penang's turn to host me. What they have done is so worthy of mention that I simply have to write this post to talk about it.

To be fair, I have stayed at grander hotels, like The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa and Pan Puteri Johor Bahru, and at all these places, the service was very, very good. But Hotel Equatorial Penang has taken service up a notch. This is where everybody knows me by name - I haven't gotten this treatment since Olive Tree Hotel and Cititel Penang.

That I get special treatment everywhere I go is a given. I know it, you know it, they know it. But how well a hotel can perform is the high-water mark of the hospitality industry.

When Timothy Tye is in the house, it is an opportunity for a hotel to display its mastery of the art of hospitality. For he will write, and everybody will read. So it is to the hotel's advantage to get the nicest words out of him. Hotel Equatorial Penang obviously took the challenge seriously, pulling out all the stops to stage a most extraordinary feat that blew even Timothy Tye away.

The care for minute details and personalisation was impressive. Upon entering our suite, I saw on the TV screen the words, "Selamat Datang, Timothy Tye Yat Kwong". On the sideboard, there was a framed photograph of my wife and me. They must have gone through the hundreds of photos of us on the web and selected one. We love their choice. It feels like, we've come home.

There's a feast on the table, complete with red wine. But there's hardly a moment to eat, for we are whisked off to a romantic candlelight dinner at their most elegant restaurant, The View, where we enjoyed the best tenderloin steak in town.

On the second day, our bed was made, and there were His and Hers pillows. Not His and Hers, but Tim's and Chooi Yoke's. Wow, they personalise to that level.

And then there was the unplanned. Like yesterday, at Nada Lama, my wife did not swallow properly and began to cough. She reached out for my glass of ice water, but the waiter immediately came forward and said, "Ma'am, ice water is not suitable if you're coughing. May I get you a glass of warm water instead?" And it was swiftly delivered to her.

It is not cheap to entertain Timothy Tye, giving us anything we desire, and I could only repay them with words. But words don't rust, get stolen or get burnt by fire. Words last forever.

I will not pin anybody from Hotel Equatorial Penang to this post. I don't have to. I am pretty sure the words of this post will reach every person at HEP involved in hosting my visit. The folks from Concierge to Front Office to Housekeeping, to all the main dining outlets - The View, Kampachi, Nada Lama, Golden Phoenix - and not forgetting the spa at Equinox Fitness Centre. Everybody did a good job. And for the benefit of all the travellers and tourists reading my website and seeking my opinion, I will place a link to this post from my write-up about this hotel. Hotel Equatorial Penang, very well done!

Hotel Equatorial PenangHotel Equatorial Penang (26 August, 2017)

Hotel Equatorial PenangHotel Equatorial Penang (26 August, 2017)

Hotel Equatorial PenangHotel Equatorial Penang (26 August, 2017)

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