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Fast Guide to Choosing Penang Hotels

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Fast Guide for choosing Penang Hotels

"Which hotel in Penang should I choose?"

I believe, more than anybody else in Penang, I get ask this question the whole time. Many visitors to Penang want to make an informed decision, but they don't have the necessary information, and also they don't have the time to do the research. So, I am creating this, the fast guide to choosing Penang hotels, so that, even if you're on the run, you can quickly go through the list, view the plus points of each hotel, and decide.

Most people only get to see hotels from the outside. To help you make an informed decision, I am going to show you the hotels from the inside. The hotels that open themselves to me, gain the visibility. All the photographs in this section are taken by me. That way, you see what I saw. No "provided photograph" is used. (If I were to rely on the hotel's glossy photographs, my reader might as well go straight to the hotel's website - then there's no purpose if what I do.)

I will not tell people that they should book this hotel instead of that one. There are too many variables involved - location, price, facilities - that it is best for people to make their own decision. But I will articulate a plus point for each hotel that I showcase here. All the hotels I have reviewed and are satisfied with, are listed below. They are in my recommended list. If I have never reviewed a hotel, or experienced its hospitality, I do not recommend - how to recommend something I have not seen nor experienced, based on hearsay? Not, let others do hearsay, I still stick to what I have seen and experienced.

Penang Hotel Room Review

Now let me show you the rooms at various hotels.

Areca Hotel Room Review

City hotel occupying heritage townhouses in downtown George Town.
Contact: +60-4-261 0050


B Street Hotel Room Review

Hotel along Beach Street, within walking distance of the World Heritage Sites.
Contact: +60-4-251 9999


Cititel Room Review

City hotel in downtown area.
Contact: +60-4-291 1188


DoubleTree Resort Room Review

Tucked away in a cosy beachfront corner of Batu Ferringhi.
Contact: +60-4-892 6000


Eastin Hotel Room Review

Near Queensbay Mall for shopping, and near Free Trade Industrial Zone for work.
Contact: +60-4-612 1111


Econtel Room Review

Small hotel in the Queensbay area of Bayan Lepas.
Contact: +60-4-637 1688


Flamingo Hotel By The Beach Room Review

Beach hotel in Tanjung Bungah.
Contact: +60-4-892 7111


GLOW Penang Room Review

City hotel on busy Macalister Road, famous for street food.
Contact: +60-4-226 0084


Golden Sands Resort Room Review

4-star beach hotel in Batu Ferringhi.
Contact: +60-4-886 1911


Hotel Equatorial Penang

Hilltop hotel with stupendous views and within reach of Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone.
Contact: +60-4-632 7000


Iconic Hotel Room Review

Main hotel in the Bukit Tengah area on Penang Mainland.
Contact: +60-4-505 9988


Ixora Hotel Room Review

Main hotel in the Perai area on Penang Mainland.
Contact: +60-4-382 8888


Jawi Peranakan Mansion Room Review

Boutique hotel in the former Muslim enclave of George Town.
Contact: +60-4-382 8888


Kimberley Hotel Room Review

Medium-size hotel in downtown George Town, within walking distance of street food haven.
Contact: +60-4-263 6688


Le Dream Room Review

Boutique hotel on Rope Walk in George Town.
Contact: +60-4-251 9375


Lexis Suites Room Review

The first major seaside hotel on the south coast of Penang Island.
Contact: +60-4-628 2888


Mei Hotel Room Review

Business hotel in George Town within walking distance of street food outlets.
Contact: +60-4-217 0555


Olive Tree Room Review

Business hotel in the Bayan Baru area.
Contact: +60-4-263 6688


Rasa Sayang Resort Room Review

The biggest and most luxurious beach resort in Penang.
Contact: +60-4-888 8888


Seven Terraces Room Review

Opulently restored boutique hotel in inner George Town.
Contact: +60-4-264 2333


Spices Hotel Room Review

Boutique hotel in the heritage enclave.
Contact: +60-4-261 9986


Sunrise Gurney 68PG Room Review

Luxury homestay on Gurney Drive.
Contact: +60-17-252 5257


Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang

Hotel in the midsts of Penang's street food haven.
Contact: +60 4 229 9988


Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya Room Review

The first major hotel in Seberang Jaya.
Contact: +60-4-370 7788


Sweet Cili Hotel Room Review

Boutique hotel in the inner city of George Town.
Contact: +60-4-261 9986

The Light Hotel

The Light Hotel Room Review

The only 5-star hotel on Penang Mainland.
Contact: +60 4 382 1111


The Northam All Suite Room Review

Major hotel along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, on the north coast of George Town.
Contact: 04 370 1111


The Wembley Room Review

Major hotel in the heart of downtown George Town.
Contact: +60-4-259 8000


Vistana Penang Room Review

Major hotel in the Bukit Jambul area.
Contact: +60-4-646 8000


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Fast Guide for selecting Penang Hotels

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