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BM Yam Rice Kopitiam

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BM Yam Rice KopitiamBM Yam Rice Kopitiam (10 Decmber, 2016)

BM Yam Rice Kopitiam (GPS: 5.36156, 100.46291), (Simplified Chinese: 大山脚芋饭, Traditional Chinese: 大山腳芋飯, Pinyin: Dàshānjiǎo Yù Fàn, Penang Hokkien: Tua33 Snua3 Kha1 Or33 Pnui33 Ko3pi3 Tiam3) is a famous coffee shop selling yam rice in Bukit Mertajam. It occupies the ground floor of Eastern Printers building, along Jalan Murthy, on the southern part of Bukit Mertajam old town.

My wife and I went to the BM Yam Rice Kopitiam on 10 December, 2016. We did not plan to eat there, but since we found a parking spot near the front of the coffee shop, we decided to eat there. The coffee shop was big and spacious, with lots of table. Considering it sells nothing but yam rice, we expect that the yam rice should be excellent.

And we weren't disappointed. Unlike many places, which passed off soya sauce blackened rice (or3 pnui33) for yam rice (or33 pnui3), over here we could certainly see chunks of yam (or to be precise, taro; yes, locally you will often here taro being mistakenly referred to as yam. Considering the name is already well accepted, we go along by calling it yam rice rather than taro rice.)

The portion of yam rice is quite little, considering the bowl was rather small. So we ordered another bowl of the yam rice to be shared between the two of us.

In addition to the yam rice, accompanying dishes are pig trotters in black vinegar and kiam3 chye1 thng1 (soup of preserved salted vegetable). The kiam chye thng has various items such as meat slices, kidney, liver, coagulated pig blood and offal. I am not too fond of eating offal, but I ate it anyway.

For drinks, we ordered iced teik1 cia3, which tasted so nice, and we were to thirsty, that we ordered a second glass, a warm one, so be added to our ice. Our lunch bill came to RM18, which was RM9 per person. That does not include drinks, which was RM3.90 for the two iced teik cia3 and one glass of warm one. I suppose the total is slightly on the high side, but still lower than what we paid for breakfast earlier that day (we had dim sum at Maxim's in Taman Pekaka on Penang Island, and paid RM21.10 for just a moderate number of items.)

On the whole we found that the food was tasty, but very much on the salty side. Perhaps the people in Bukit Mertajam are used to salty food. During our meal, the waiter even came to replenish our salted vegetable soup, but we told him no need. we were surprised that people would actually drink the salted vegetable soup. I do not mind returning to this coffee shop again, though if I return to Bukit Mertajam, I plan to try the other coffee shops in town.

BM Yam Rice KopitiamInterior of the BM Yam Rice Kopitiam (10 Decmber, 2016)

BM Yam Rice KopitiamBM Yam Rice Kopitiam stall (10 Decmber, 2016)

BM Yam Rice KopitiamOur meal at BM Yam Rice Kopitiam (10 Decmber, 2016)

Timothy Tye at BM Yam Rice KopitiamTimothy Tye at BM Yam Rice Kopitiam (10 Decmber, 2016)

BM Yam Rice Kopitiam on Google Maps Street View


BM Yam Rice Kopitiam
6, Jalan Murthy,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Phone: 012 564 6104

BM Yam Rice Kopitiam is on the map of Jalan Murthy, Bukit Mertajam

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