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A.M. Noshery

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A.M. NosheryA.M. Noshery (3 July, 2017)

A.M. Noshery (GPS: 5.38217, 100.30408) is a restaurant in Island Glades, Penang. I had the pleasure of visiting this eatery for breakfast on 3 July, 2017. It occupies one of the shophouses along Lorong Delima 6. That area is notoriously difficult to park, but as luck would have it, I managed to get a parking spot almost right outside the restaurant.

A.M. Noshery is famous for its "A.M. Cups". This is a breakfast cup, comprising a bread cupping an egg with a choice of bacon, chicken ham or chicken sausage. It was through the A.M. Cups that the business got started some years ago, when the owner Ann Marie operated a small stall in front of a coffee shop. A few years later, she was able to take over the whole coffee shop and established A.M. Noshery, with the A.M. being her initials - as well as representing morning or ante meridiem.

One item I enjoyed very much, and is a meal on its own, is the A.M. Hakka Noodles. I am told by Ann Marie that this is a Hakka-style noodle. It has minced meat and diced carrots. It tastes a bit like wanton mee, and I enjoyed it so much, I finished my whole bowl.

Another interesting item offered by A.M. Noshery is the A.M. Wraps. This is ham wrapped in tortilla and is sold as a portable snack. It is also available with a soup, as a set. Also available is the A.M. Mushroom Soup.

Diners who opt for a full meal can consider the A.M. Rice set. This is chicken leg quarters baked with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt for an hour, and served by rice and vegetables.

During my visit, the items which I enjoyed the most are the A.M. Hakka Noodles and the A.M. Cups. While I was at the shop, I saw people coming in to buy the A.M. Cups as food to go. As this is the first item that started the business, I suppose it has built for itself a customer base. I would recommend coming here to try the A.M. Hakka Noodles.

As for beverages, patrons have a choice of hot and cold beverages, like any coffee shops. In addition to your coffee, tea, Milo, Nescafe and Barli, A.M. Noshery also has its own in-house Alamansi with Sour Plum Juice and homemade Lemongrass Drink. If you want a drink without any sugar, I would suggest the Lemongrass drink, and to tell them to withhold sugar.


A.M. Noshery
2D, Lorong Delima 5,
Island Glades,
11700 Penang.
Phone: 012 415 0977

A.M. Noshery's Half-boiled Egg and ToastA.M. Noshery's Half-boiled Egg and Toast
© A.M. Noshery

Update: 25 July, 2017: A.M. Noshery has started serving half-boiled eggs and toast. It is priced at RM3.80 per set.

A.M. NosheryThe menu of A.M. Noshery. (3 July, 2017)

A.M. NosheryThe A.M. Cup. (3 July, 2017)

A.M. NosheryThe A.M. Hakka Noodle. (3 July, 2017)

A.M. NosheryThe A.M. Chicken set. (3 July, 2017)

A.M. NosheryThe A.M. Wrap. (3 July, 2017)

A.M. NosheryHere I am having my breakfast at A.M. Noshery. (3 July, 2017)

A.M. NosheryHere I am at A.M. Noshery with Ann Marie (right) and her aunt (left). (3 July, 2017)

A.M. Noshery is on the map of Island Glades

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