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Ah Chu Fish Head Curry 亞鼠咖哩魚頭

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Ah Chu Fish Head CurryAh Chu Fish Head Curry 亞鼠咖哩魚頭 (3 July, 2017)

Ah Chu Fish Head Curry 亞鼠咖哩魚頭 is one of my favourite fish head curry stalls. The stall operated for many years at Sunshine Square Food Court but recently relocated to nearby Bayan Baru Hawker Centre. That was where we enjoyed it last night. The lady selling the fish head curry could still recognise me, and was pleased to see me, even though I haven't visited her stall for quite some time.

The price has risen over the years. Right now, the curry fish head for two persons cost RM26. But I enjoyed it very much. In addition, I ordered the ice kacang from the nearby stall and it was also very well done.

Operating hours

The Ah Chu Fish Head Curry 亞鼠咖哩魚頭 is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Ah Chu Fish Head CurryThe lady manning the Ah Chu Fish Head Curry stall. (3 July, 2017)

Ah Chu Fish Head CurryAh Chu Fish Head Curry (3 July, 2017)

Ah Chu Fish Head CurryAh Chu Fish Head Curry stall at the Bayan Baru Hawker Centre. (3 July, 2017)

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