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Pahang Travel TipsPahang Travel Tips (31 December, 2006)

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Pahang Travel Tips provides you useful information for planning your visit to Pahang Darul Makmur, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, and the third largest in Malaysia. Pahang has a total area of 35,964 sq km and a population of about 1.4 million people. It is located on the east coast of the peninsula, although several of its highland towns are accessible from the west coast.

Pahang shares a border with Kelantan to the north, Terengganu to the northeast, Johor to the south, Negeri Sembilan to the southwest, and Selangor and Perak to the west. It shares borders with more states than any other state in Malaysia. Pahang has a stretch of coastline on the east facing the South China Sea. Much of the central part of Pahang is still undeveloped and forested. Most of the towns are located along the fringes, along the eastern coast as well as on the Main Range on the west part of the state.

Location of towns in Pahang on the map

Major Towns in Pahang

  1. Kuantan - capital (GPS: 3.81955, 103.33225)
  2. Pekan - royal town (GPS: 3.48395, 103.39096)
  3. Bentong (GPS: 3.52301, 101.90849)
  4. Jerantut (GPS: 3.9355, 102.35755)
  5. Kuala Lipis (GPS: 4.18104, 102.05371)
  6. Mentakab (GPS: 3.4824, 102.34828)
  7. Temerloh (GPS: 3.45105, 102.41987)

Major Hill Resorts in Pahang

  1. Cameron Highlands (GPS: 4.47212, 101.38014)
  2. Genting Highlands (GPS: 3.42377, 101.79204)

Categories of sights in Pahang

  2. Apartments in Pahang
  3. Army Camps in Pahang
  4. Banks in Pahang
  5. Bridges in Pahang
  6. Bus Terminals in Pahang
  7. Chinese Temples in Pahang
  8. Cemeteries in Pahang
  9. Churches in Pahang
  10. Clan Associations in Pahang
  11. Clinics in Pahang
  12. Clocktowers in Pahang
  13. Convention Centres in Pahang
  14. Fire Stations in Pahang
  15. Golf Courses in Pahang
  16. Government Buildings in Pahang
  17. Gurdwaras in Pahang
  18. Hawker Centres in Pahang
  19. Hills in Pahang
  20. Hill Resorts in Pahang
  21. Hindu Temples in Pahang
  22. Hospitals in Pahang
  23. Hotels in Pahang
  24. Housing Estates in Pahang
  25. Libraries in Pahang
  26. Markets in Pahang
  27. Mosques in Pahang
  28. Mountains in Pahang
  29. Museums in Pahang
  30. Parks in Pahang
  31. Petrol Stations in Pahang
  32. Playing Fields in Pahang
  33. Police Stations in Pahang
  34. Post Offices in Pahang
  35. Rest Houses in Pahang
  36. Restaurants in Pahang
  37. Rivers in Pahang
  38. Schools in Pahang
  39. Shopping Malls in Pahang
  40. Stationery Shops in Pahang
  41. Streets in Pahang
  42. Supermarkets in Pahang
  43. Villages in Pahang

Map of the Places of Interest in Pahang

Other places of interest in Pahang

  1. Cameron Highlands (GPS: 4.47212, 101.38014)
  2. Fraser's Hill (GPS: 3.71186, 101.73654)
  3. Genting Highlands (GPS: 3.42377, 101.79204)
  4. Gunung Senyum (GPS: 3.70681, 102.43375)
  5. Gunung Tapis Park
  6. Kenong Rimba Park
  7. Kota Gelanggi (GPS: 3.91846, 102.59504)
  8. Krau Wildlife Reserve
  9. Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary (GPS: 3.59229, 102.14501)
  10. Pulau Tioman (GPS: 2.79024, 104.16984)
  11. Rompin & Lanjut Beach
  12. Taman Negara (GPS: 4.38309, 102.40173)
  13. Tasik Bera (GPS: 3.81666, 102.41666)
  14. Tasik Chini (GPS: 3.43054, 102.91045)
  15. Teluk Cempedak (GPS: 3.8126, 103.372)

Kuantan (31 December 2006)

The capital and largest city in Pahang is Kuantan. The city is on the east coast facing the South China Sea. Pahang is a sultanate, meaning it is ruled by a sultan. The official residence of the Sultan of Pahang is in the town of Pekan, to the south of Kuantan.

Pahang has been ruled over by differing regional powers over the ages. It was controlled by the Srivijaya empire in the 8th and 9th century, followed by the Siamese and then by the Malacca Sultanate and the Acehnese. The present ruling family of the Pahang sultanate traces their family history to the Johor sultanate, which ruled Pahang since at least the 16th century. The Sultans of Pahang are descended from the son of the Bendahara of Johor of the 19th century. The civil war fought by the two sons of the Bendara for control of Pahang in 1853 to 1863 provided the British an excuse to plant a British Resident there as administrator and de facto ruler.

Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, Kuantan
Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, Kuantan (30 December 2006)

Getting there

Considering most of the main towns of Pahang are on the east coast, the most practical way to visit them is to take a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan. To visit Pahang's hill stations such as Cameron Highlands and Fraser's Hill, the usual way is to go by road from the west coast.

By Plane

Malaysia Airlines has regular services between Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) and Kuantan's Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA). Low cost carrier Firefly has services connecting KUA with Subang Airport (SZB) in Kuala Lumpur.

By Road

Kuantan can be reached from the west coast via the Karak Highway (E8) and the East Coast Expressway (E8). There are regular bus services from most major cities to Terminal Makmur in Kuantan.

Districts of Pahang

  1. Bera District
  2. Bentong District
  3. Cameron Highlands District
  4. Jerantut District
  5. Kuantan District
  6. Lipis District
  7. Maran District
  8. Pekan District
  9. Raub District
  10. Rompin District
  11. Temerloh District

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