Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

Portuguese Settlement, MalaccaPortuguese Settlement, Malacca (2 May, 2009)

The Portuguese Settlement of Malacca (GPS: 2.18339, 102.26703) is a legacy of the history of the Portuguese in the country. When the Portuguese conquered Malacca, a numerous number of its soldiers married the local women and made Malacca their new home. They live along the coast as fishermen. Until recently, their homes had the shore right behind them, but recent reclamation project in Malacca extended the shore, creating new land, and as a result, their homes no longer enjoy a sea front view of the Straits of Malacca.

The descendents of the Portuguese still live in settlements such as Praya Lane and Bandar Hilir. They number only about a thousand or so, and the older generation is still able to converse in Creole Portuguese, called Papia Kristang. The homes of the Portuguese settlement could pass for any kampung home of the Malay or Chinese communities at a quick glance. A keen observation however will reveal the Catholic motifs in their deco.

Nicholas Loboo's houseThe traditional house that belongs to Eurasian Nicholas Loboo that was restored by the Melaka Museum Corporation to showcase a traditional Portuguese house in Malacca (10 July, 2005)

Portuguese Settlement, MalaccaHouses in the Portuguese Settlement (2 May, 2009)

Among the properties in the Portuguese Settlement, one worth nothing is the house belonging to Nicholas Loboo (GPS: 2.183971, 102.266551). Built in the 1940s, it is a plain plank house that originally had a thatch (nipah) roof and plank walls. Located at 10, Jalan D'Aranjo, the house was restored by the Melaka Museums Corporation to showcase a traditional house of the Portuguese descendants in Malacca.

Buildings in the Portuguese Settlement of MalaccaArt Deco-style buildings in the Portuguese Settlement of Malacca (2 May, 2009)

360° View of Portuguese Settlement on Google Maps Street View

Portuguese Settlement is on the map of Malacca

Martin TheseiraEurasian Martin Theseira taking visitors on a tour of the Portuguese Settlement (10 July, 2005)

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