Dutch Graveyard

Dutch Graveyard, MalaccaDutch Graveyard, Malacca. (9 July, 2005)

The Dutch Graveyard (GPS: 2.19348, 102.25076) is a small cemetery in Malacca first used at the last quarter of the 17th century. It is located at the foot of the St Paul's Hill. Despite its name, only five Dutch graves remains there today, the balance 33 belonging to British officers and their wives. It's a case of gatecrashing a party, six feet under. That is because the cemetery was used first by the Dutch, between 1670-1682, and later by the British, between 1818-1838.

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Dutch Graveyard

Dutch Graveyard is on the map of Malacca

Initially, the British their dead on St. Paul's Hill. Only in 1818 that they began to bury here. The first burial was that of John Kidd, a sea captain, while the last was the wife of a British army offier. Today the Dutch Graveyard has been gazetted as a national monument by the Antiquities Act of 1976.

Dutch Graveyard, MalaccaThe entrance arch to the Dutch Graveyard, Malacca. (1 May, 2009)

Dutch Graveyard, MalaccaAnother view of the Dutch Graveyard, Malacca. The grave with the tall column belongs to two army officers killed in the war in Naning, Malacca, in 1831-32. (1 May, 2009)

Dutch Graveyard, MalaccaSome of the graves in the Dutch Graveyard. (1 May, 2009)

Dutch Graveyard, MalaccaA British grave on St Paul's Hill on the way to the Dutch Graveyard. The British first buried there before deciding to use the Dutch Graveyard. (9 July, 2005)

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