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Malacca Travel TipsMalacca Travel Tips (9 July, 2005)

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Malacca Travel Tips is created to provide you all the details you would need for experiencing Malacca. A historic state on the coast to the south of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca is regarded as the cradle of Malay civilization, for it was through Malacca that the peninsula experienced its most glorious and powerful Malay kingdom, the Sultanate of Malacca, which flourished in the 15th century. Today Malacca Town, recognised as a historic city, was inscribed by UNESCO in 7 July, 2008, together with the George Town World Heritage Site, titled the Historic Cities of the Straits of Melaka.

Location of sights in Malacca

Sights & Attractions of Malacca

  1. 8 Heeren Street (GPS: 2.19478, 102.24759)
  2. Bastion House (GPS: 2.19163, 102.24985)
  3. Chee Mansion (GPS: 2.19631, 102.24511)
  4. Chinese War Memorial (GPS: 2.1956, 102.2554)
  5. Chitty Village (GPS: 2.2013, 102.24035)
  6. Durian Tunggal Recreational Lake (GPS: 2.33553, 102.30687)
  7. Dutch Square (GPS: 2.19452, 102.24918)
  8. Eng Choon Association (GPS: 2.19652, 102.24507)
  9. Fortaleza de Malaca / Porta de Santiago (GPS: 2.19188, 102.25033)
  10. Jonker Walk Night Market (GPS: 2.19533, 102.24797)
  11. Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Park (GPS: 2.26293, 102.30095)
  12. Proclamation of Independence Memorial (GPS: 2.19189, 102.25089)
  13. Malacca Hokkien Association (GPS: 2.19581, 102.24732)
  14. Malacca Sultanate Palace (GPS: 2.19279, 102.25042)
  15. Melaka Alive (GPS: 2.19142, 102.25058)
  16. Melaka Hainan Association (GPS: 2.19754, 102.2455)
  17. Perigi Rajah (GPS: 2.19583, 102.25542)
  18. Portuguese Settlement (GPS: 2.18339, 102.26703)
  19. Stadthuys (GPS: 2.194, 102.2491)
  20. St John Fort (GPS: 2.18932, 102.26446)
  21. St Paul's Hill (GPS: 2.19252, 102.24932)
  22. Taman Mini Malaysia (GPS: 2.28245, 102.30383)
  23. Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower (GPS: 2.19439, 102.24907)
  24. Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse (GPS: 2.40747, 101.85233)
  25. Tan Kim Seng Bridge (GPS: 2.19458, 102.24852)
  26. Tun Tan Cheng Lock's Ancestral Home (GPS: 2.1961, 102.24537)
  27. Victoria Fountain (GPS: 2.19435, 102.24906)
  28. Villa Sentosa (GPS: 2.20251, 102.25144)
  29. Zoo Melaka (GPS: 2.27653, 102.2989)

Category of sights in Malacca

  2. Districts of Malacca
  3. Streets in Malacca
  4. Antique Shops in Malacca
  5. Beaches in Malacca
  6. Bridges in Malacca
  7. Businesses in Malacca
  8. Cemeteries in Malacca
  9. Chinese restaurants in Malacca
  10. Chinese temples in Malacca
  11. Churches in Malacca
  12. Clan Associations in Malacca
  13. Clocktowers in Malacca
  14. Coffee Shops in Malacca
  15. Foot Reflexology in Malacca
  16. Forts in Malacca
  17. Golf Courses in Malacca
  18. Hills in Malacca
  19. Hindu Temples in Malacca
  20. Historic Buildings in Malacca
  21. Historic Sites in Malacca
  22. Hotels in Malacca
  23. Islands in Malacca
  24. Jetties in Malacca
  25. Klinik Kesihatan in Malacca
  26. Libraries in Malacca
  27. Mausoleums in Malacca
  28. Mini Markets in Malacca
  29. Monuments in Malacca
  30. Mosques in Malacca
  31. Museums in Malacca
  32. Organisations in Malacca
  33. Palaces in Malacca
  34. Parks in Malacca
  35. Pastry Shops in Malacca
  36. Restaurants in Malacca
  37. Rivers in Malacca
  38. Shopping Malls in Malacca
  39. Tailors in Malacca
  40. Traditional Chinese Medicine Centres in Malacca
  41. Villages in Malacca

Devotees of Dato Chachar on the streets of MalaccaDevotees carry milk during the Dato Chachar Festival on a procession through the streets of Malacca (3 May, 2009)

The interior of Baba HouseThe interior of Baba House (10 July, 2005)

Malacca on Google Maps Street View

Jalan Laksamana, Melaka, in the morningJalan Laksamana, Melaka, in the morning (3 May, 2009)

About Malacca

A selection of articles to help you get to know Malacca better.

  1. Introduction to Malacca
  2. History of Malacca
  3. Melaka UNESCO World Heritage Site

The historic city of Malacca is also the capital of the state of Malacca. With an area of 1,652 square kilometers, Malacca State is one of the smaller states in Malaysia. It has a population of about 600,000.

History practically lives in Malacca. As you explore its streets, you will discover the oldest mosque, the oldest temples and forts in the country. Many of the heritage sites in Malacca have been well preserved, although many have been given an overzealously make-over.

Cultural dance at Taman Mini MalaysiaCultural dance at Taman Mini Malaysia (15 November, 2009)

Getting into Malacca Town

Visitors to Malacca usually come by road. The city centre is located approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur depending on traffic. Although Malacca does have an airport, but it does not handle any regular scheduled flights. If you are self-driving, use the North South Expressway (E2), and exit at the Ayer Keroh Interchange (Exit 231). From there, take the Ayer Keroh Highway - you don't really need to know the highway by name, just look for signage for Melaka - and it will take you right down to Malacca Town.

I list here the distance and expected toll on the North-South Expressway to Malacca, as of April 2009. It is 80 km from Seremban (toll RM9.30), 146 km from Kuala Lumpur (RM20.60, from Damansara), 349 km from Ipoh (RM46.10 from Ipoh Selatan), 513 km from Penang (RM62.90, from Juru), 606 km from Alor Setar (RM74.30 from Alor Setar Selatan) and 651 km from Kangar (RM77.50 from Jitra). If you are coming from the south, Malacca is 224 km from Johor Bahru (RM27.70 from the Causeway, RM39.90 from Tanjung Kupang). The time taken to reach Malacca is approximately 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur, and 2.5 hours from Johor Bahru.

Street in MalaccaStreet in Malacca (9 July, 2005)

Getting Around Malacca

The old city of Malacca is small enough that it is possible to cover most of the sights on foot. For the fun of it, you may also want to try taking the Malacca trishaw for a joy ride. Remember to negotiate the fare in advance of boarding.

A display of offerings at the Chitty MuseumA display of offerings at the Chitty Museum (10 July, 2005)

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