Jeram Pasu Waterfall, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan

Jeram PasuJeram Pasu (11 February, 2006)

Jeram Pasu (GPS: 5.79433, 102.33671) is a waterfall and popular recreational area in Kelantan. I visited it after visiting Jeram Linang, one very wet afternoon, after travelling the whole day from Penang.

Jeram Pasu is located along the Kota Bharu-Pasir Puteh road. We had to stop a few times to ask the locals for direction, as the map we were carrying did not clearly state its location. We know that it is located at Kampung Tok Amat, but that's about all that I know. After a bit of driving around, we arrived at Jeram Lenang.

Jeram PasuWater cascading at Jeram Pasu (11 February, 2006)

Jeram PasuThe girls sheltering from the rain at Jeram Pasu (11 February, 2006)

By then, it was about to rain. And it did, soon enough, in torrents. There were quick a number of young Malay kids picnicking at Jeram Pasu. As soon as the downpour began, the girls sought shelter under the sheds while the boys continued to play in the pouring rain.

The water of Jeram Pasu was very powerful when we were there, made even stronger by the torrential rain. There is a waterslide that empties into a sort of watery platform. Water then cascades off the platform on three sides. This form an unusual effect. This is certainly a good picnic stop which I would like to visit again, when it is sunny.

Jeram Pasu on Google Street View

(Jul 2015)

Jeram Pasu is on the map of Kelantan

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