Pedu Lake, Kedah

View of Pedu Lake from the road to its south.

Pedu Lake (GPS: 6.23586, 100.83827) is a big man-made lake in Kedah. It is located in Padang Terap District, near the border with Thailand. The lake is formed by Pedu Dam which rose the water of Sungai Pedu turning some of the hills into mere islets in the water. Covering an area of 75 sq km but fluctuating according to season, it is one of the biggest lakes in Kedah.

The size of the three man-made lakes in Kedah, Pedu Lake, Muda Lake and Ahning Lake, fluctuates according to season. Both Pedu Lake and Muda Lake are the biggest in Kedah at different times of the year.

There used to be a couple of resorts on Pedu Lake. However, these resorts have closed down since 2007.

End of road to what used to be Mutiara Pedu Lake Resort.

List of Lakes in Kedah and Lakes in Malaysia

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