Five Colour Pond, Jiuzhaigou

Five Colour Pond, JiuzhaigouFive Colour Pond, Jiuzhaigou (17 October, 2005)

The Five-Colour Pond, or Wucai Chi, is a lake famous for its crystal clear water in the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve. Wucai Chi is located a short distance from the Long Lake (Chang Hai), at an elevation 2995 meters above sea level. Covering an area of 5645 sq meters, Wucai Chi is one of the smallest lakes in Jiuzhaigou.

The water of Wucai Chi is among the most colourful in Jiuzhaigou. It gets some of its water from the Long Lake. Within Wucai Chi are patches of light green, milky white, bright yellow, deep blue, torquoise, and more. This is due to the aquatic lifeforms such as planktons, sponges, algae, and ferns etc. that inhabit the water. The different plantlife produces varying percentage of chlorophyll. Together with a high concentration of travertine, a light-colored porous calcite, CaCO3, which is deposited from solution in ground or surface waters and forming, among other deposits, stalactites and stalagmites. calcium carbonate, result in the different colours of Wucai Chi.

Five Colour Pond, JiuzhaigouFive Colour Pond, Jiuzhaigou (17 October, 2005)

Five Colour Pond, JiuzhaigouVisitors crowding to see the Five Colour Pond (17 October, 2005)

Five Colour Pond, JiuzhaigouVisitors crowding to see the Five Colour Pond (17 October, 2005)

Five Colour Pond, JiuzhaigouAutumn leaves at the Five Colour Pond (17 October, 2005)

Five Colour Pond, JiuzhaigouRocky mountains and snow-capped peaks at Jiuzhaigou (17 October, 2005)

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