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Anson Road 安順路

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Anson Road, George Town, Penang (25 November, 2012)

Anson Road, or Jalan Anson (Traditional/Simplified Chinese: 安順路; Pinyin: Ānshùn Lù), is a major road in George Town, Penang. It starts at the cross-road with Burmah Road and Larut Road, and ends at the junction with Perak Road. Along the way, Anson Road is intersected by the traffic junction of Macalister Road as well as several minor roads.

Location of sights along Anson Road

Sights along Anson Road

  1. Anson Road Market (GPS: 5.41595, 100.32088)
  2. Brown Memorial (GPS: 5.41448, 100.31669)
  3. Penang Buddhist Association (GPS: 5.41523, 100.31762)

Major Buildings along Anson Road

  1. Bangunan Persekutuan (GPS: 5.41937, 100.32381)
  2. KDU College Penang (GPS: 5.41959, 100.32259)
  3. Wisma TNB (GPS: 5.41998, 100.32297)

Eateries on Anson Road

  1. Anson Park (GPS: 5.42066, 100.32357)
  2. Old Winston Coffee Garden (GPS: 5.41896, 100.32298)
  3. Padang Brown Food Complex (GPS: 5.41412, 100.31683)

Businesses along Anson Road

  1. Auto Bavaria
  2. Ghee Hiang Macalister Road (GPS: 5.41787, 100.32162)

About Anson Road

Anson Road was named after Colonel (later Major) Archibald Edward Harbord Anson, the Lieutenant Governor of Penang from 1867 to 1871, and Acting Governor of the Crown Colony of the Straits Settlements in 1877. Anson Road in Singapore was also named after him. When it was created around 1877, Anson Road forms the old town limit at that time.

Penang Buddhist Association, one of the sights along Anson Road (4 February, 2006)

As you drive along Anson Road today, you will pass new government offices on the left and Tenaga Nasional office on the right side, between Burmah Road and Macalister Road. The head office of Ghee Hiang Biscuits is at the junction facing Macalister Road. After the Macalister Road junction, you pass by the Anson Road Market on your left. The road curves gently right as it approaches Perak Road. On the left is Padang Brown and the Brown Memorial while on the right is the Penang Buddhist Association.

Getting there

Rapid Penang Bus 10 and 104 pass through Anson Road.

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