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Anson Park 安順園煮炒

Anson ParkAnson Park (15 July, 2016)

Anson Park 安順園煮炒 (GPS: 5.42066, 100.32357) is a hawker centre in George Town, Penang. Located along Anson Road, it offers cooked-to-order meals, or "cu1 char4" 煮炒.

15 July, 2016
My wife and I joined a group of food bloggers to a dinner here. There were ten of us around the table. Our dinner that evening was cooked-to-order Chinese food. Our meal was quite sumptuous. It started with a bowl of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall soup, which has Silkie (aka "black chicken") along with various seafood items such as scallops. This is priced at RM28 per bowl, and we were each served one bowl.

Following that, we enjoyed seven different dishes to be taken with rice. They include Crispy Duck (RM35), Thai-style Trotter (RM32), Nyonya-style Steamed Red Snapper (sold by weight), Butter Prawns (sold by weight), Steamed Siput Kepah (RM12 small, RM20 large), Green Dragon Sprouts (RM15) and Bitter Gourd Stir-Fried with Salted Egg Yolk (RM18).

On the whole, the food was delicious, though the stir-fried vegetables were slightly overcooked. I like the Steamed Siput Kepah and the Crispy Duck, especially the skin. The Nyonya-style steamed red snapper is not too bad, especially the sauce. I am fine with the stir-fried bitter gourd with salted egg yolk, perhaps because I am partial to salted egg yolk. I wasn't that fond of the Green Dragon Sprouts, which I find a bit hard to chew on.

I noticed that business was a bit slow that evening. I attribute it to the lack of option, as many people may opt for a less expensive meal for a regular dinner. Perhaps the operator might consider attracting a few hawkers to operate there, considering they certainly have the space for it, to give people more option. Also, I found the dishes to be on the pricey side, and felt if more "entry level" dishes at lower price are made available, this could attract and retain customers.

Anson ParkBuddha Jumps Over the Wall, at Anson Park (15 July, 2016)

Anson ParkSteamed Siput Kepah, at Anson Park (15 July, 2016)

Anson ParkCrispy Duck, at Anson Park (15 July, 2016)

Anson ParkThai-style Trotter, at Anson Park (15 July, 2016)

Anson ParkNyonya-style Steamed Red Snapper, at Anson Park (15 July, 2016)


Anson Park
20, Anson Road,
10400 George Town, Penang.
Phone: 016 418 8310

Anson Park is on the map of Anson Road

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