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5D Interactive WorldI am like a floating Jedi warrior here! (21 December, 2015)

5D Interactive World (GPS: 5.41334, 100.32704) is an art and educational gallery in Penang. The museum which opens on 5 December, 2015, occupies a double storey shophouse along Dato Kramat Road, on the stretch between Gama and Penang Times Square.

I visited Mr Yeoh Eek, one of the principle owners of 5D Interactive World and he took me around to show me the exhibits.

5D Interactive World is split into different "district". More than simply a place to have fun, it aims at educating people particularly children. Various galleries teaches as well as entertain. There is an exhibit on water conservation, another on trash disposal and recycling, and many more with sculptures for people to interact.

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5D Interactive World5D Interactive World (21 December, 2015)

5D Interactive World5D Interactive World (21 December, 2015)

5D Interactive WorldDot matrix hand (21 December, 2015)

5D Interactive WorldI am trapped in trash! (21 December, 2015)

I therefore asked why the gallery is called "5D". The reasoning provided is that murals are essentially 2D imagery, yet provide a 3D experience. Therefore, 3D sculptures provide a 4D experience. And the fifth dimension? That is in the inclusion of other elements such as smoke and wind. At some of the galleries, you can bring out the wind by stepping on a lever, giving the exhibit an added dimension.

In one exhibit, which I call, the Floating Jedi Master, I appear floating over a backgroup of Maya motif. The orange robe is used to hide the seat where I am seated.

5D Interactive WorldTapir in the making, at the 5D Interactive World (21 December, 2015)

In the above exhibit, which I call, "Tapir in the making", it speaks of how our wantan destruction of the environment will have adverse impact on wildlife. It shows a tapir disappearing into a heap of trash.

5D Interactive WorldIn a monster grip, at the 5D Interactive World (21 December, 2015)

5D Interactive WorldMy hand, my hand! (21 December, 2015)

One of the most fun I had at the 5D Interactive World is the final section, with is a sculpture workshop. Here, visitors are free to make their own sculpture out of modelling clay. The better ones are fired and exhibited.

I tried my hand at sculpturing, but it way more difficult than I have ever expected it to be. The clay was very soft, and my idea of creating something exquisite goes out the window the moment I had my hand touching the lump. In the end, all I managed to create was a mushroom, or what in my opinion is a mushroom!

5D Interactive WorldHere I am with the mushroom that I made at 5D Interactive World (21 December, 2015)


5D Interactive World
29-F Jalan Dato Keramat
George Town, Penang.
Phone: 010 818 1089
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ace5D/
Website: www.ace5d.my

Admission Fee

The admission fee at the 5D Interactive World is RM18 per adult and RM13 per child.

5D Interactive World is on the map of Dato Kramat Road

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